The deadline to provide the information requirements for producers of priority products in the context of EPR Law has been extended

By Exempt Resolution No. 784/2018 (E.R. 784), the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), has extended the deadline to provide the information for producers of priority products, until October 31, 2018.


In May 2018, by Exempt Resolution No. 409/2018, the MMA instituted a new information requirement for producers of priority products, in the context of the drafting process for the corresponding supreme decrees that will establish the goals and obligations associated with each category of priority products.

Such requirement set August 31, 2018 as the deadline to provide the required information. Considering that the MMA found that fewer reports were received than those submitted on the same date in 2017, decided to extend this deadline until October 31.


The information requirement is directed to producers of the following priority products:

  • Lubricant oils
  • Electrical and electronic devices
  • Medium and large batteries
  • Containers and packaging
  • Tires
  • Small batteries
  • Newspapers and magazines

Obligation to report

Producers must provide the following information through the Registry of Emissions and Transfer of Pollutants (in Spanish Registro de Emisiones y Transferencia de Contaminantes “RETC”):

  • Number of priority products present in the national market in 2017
  • Collection, recovery and disposal activities executed at their own cost in 2017
  • Number of collected, recovered and disposed wastes from priority products in 2017
  • Specification as to whether collection and recovery activities are carried out individually or jointly with other producers