Single-use plastics

On July 8, 2020, the Senate approved the legislative project that seeks to prohibit the delivery and sale of plastic products in the market.

The approved bill aims to expand the purpose of Law 21,100, in order to prohibit, not only the delivery of plastic bags in commerce, but also the sale or free delivery of others plastic products and materials, such as plates, containers, glasses, cutlery, straw and any other device whose manufacturing material is plastic or other material that is difficult to biodegrade, and whose useful life ends with a single use or consumption or with a reduced number of uses or consumptions.

Likewise, the project includes the prohibition of the sale or free delivery of products contained in containers or bottles that are made of plastic material or other material that is difficult to biodegrade.

The bill has been approved by the Chamber of Representatives and is currently under discussion in the Commission of Environment and National Assets of the Senate.

Bill No. 12641-12 available here