Publication of the preliminary draft of the Supreme Decree that sets forth the collection goals and obligations

On October 4, 2018, Exempt Resolution No. 897 (E.R. No. 897) was published in the Official Gazette, approving the preliminary draft of the Supreme Decree that establishes the collection and recovery goals and obligations associated with tires, in the context of Law 20,920, and submitting it to public consultation.

Regulated tiers

For purposes of the preliminary draft, tires are those that are an integral part of a vehicle or machinery of any type and those that are introduced to the national market in isolation (e.g. spare tires).

Collection and recovery goals The collection and recovery goals are set forth on a progressive scale per year, distinguishing for this purpose two categories of tires according to their rim measurements:

Tires with rim diameter shorter than 57 inches
Year Collection goal Recovery goal
2021 50% 25%
2022 50% 30%
2023 50% 35%
2024 80% 60%
2025 80% 60%
2026 80% 80&
2027 80% 80%
2028 90% 90%
Tires with rim greater than or equal to 57 inches
Year Collection and recovery goals
2021 25%
2024 75%
2026 100%

Related obligations

Likewise, there are related obligations for producers of this priority product, including:

  • Obligation to provide information regarding the rates of the collection and recovery services.
  • Management systems will be required to publish a list of priority product producers that fulfill the related goals and obligations, through the respective management system.

Tire sellers must receive, from consumers, with no additional cost and in the same establishment, an amount of tire waste equivalent to that of new tires that the consumer has purchased.

Public consultation Any natural or legal person may pose observations regarding the preliminary draft, including the background information that justify the observations made, until November 20, 2018.